Vodka-soaked tomatoes  Tried two new recipes:

  Gruyere Walnut Wafers and Pepper-Vodka-soaked Tomatoes with Seasoned Sea Salt.

The gruyere wafers were problematic.  I did 4 batches, all slightly differently.  The only batch that turned out really well was the first – and I really screwed up the recipe on that batch. 

On the second batch, I followed the recipe to the letter.  Totally inedible – the wafers stuck to the cookie sheet so vigorously that I had to chip them off in little pieces.  The third and fourth batches, I did more similar to the first batch.  Those were edible, but not great.

I think if I could make it work in my oven, it would be a really good recipe – the good ones were tasty.  Getting the consistency right would be difficult though.   Cook them too little, and they’re gloppy, and stick.  Cook them too much, and they’re too crispy, and stick.  Maybe a silicone baking mat would help with the sticking.

The tomatoes were pretty good.  I also departed from the recipe on this one – I used grape tomatoes instead of cherry tomatoes, and I couldn’t find pepper vodka, so I used vodka with a mix of ground red pepper and chipotle peppers.  Also I added lemon, basil, and rosemary to the vodka marinade, and let it sit overnight instead of just 1-2 hours. 

Pretty tasty, actually.  But not very exciting, presentation-wise.  Seemed like a dish you’d pick up from the deli, not so much a party appetizer.  Would be good for an informal outdoor party – very refreshing.    If I made them again as an appetizer, I might include buffalo mozzarella and olives, and stick them on skewers or something.