I was reading some random forum, don’t remember how I found it, when I stumbled across this awesome phrase.

Epicurus’ Riddle does not factor in free will because God is willing and God is able but He gives you the ability to choose right from wrong, darkness from light but we don’t choose light most of the time. So He gave us a blueprint for how to know God-the Bible- and we don’t read it and we find ourselves asking these questions over and over not realizin we are like a gerbil on a ferris wheel and never getting anywhere.

We’re like a small creature on a gigantic structure that would be a symbol for fruitless endless endeavor, except that the wrong metaphor was used, and the structure is so freaking huge that we can’t actually begin the fruitless endless endeavor. So we perch on the edge of the ferris car, twitching our whiskers, wishing the person who came up with the misbegotten metaphor had gotten it right so we could at least run, even if it didn’t get us anywhere.