Agghhh, I’m having the worst sinus headache. 

I found a really good site about sinuses.  It’s nice because it has SO much information, but isn’t too clinical for a lay reader. 

I hauled out my neti pot* last night, and found I still hate it.  It feels exactly like when you accidentally snort seawater.  Like when you’re bodysurfing and end up tumbled in the soup.  Only without the fun.

And, I can only do it from left to right.  When I try right to left, the water just backs up and doesn’t go through.  A couple of years ago, an ENT said my nasal passage is crooked – he actually asked if I’d ever broken my nose.  (Not that I recall.)  I wonder if that has something to do with it.

Finally, it doesn’t really help.  The pain is up between my eyes, and I just don’t think the water gets up that far.

 I think I need to go in again and see if I can get a CAT scan or something.  I’m not keen on going back to that ENT, because his specialty is the operatic voice, which isn’t too relevant to me.

* What the heck is the pink vaguely nose-shaped thing on the left side of the image on that page?  It’s on the front and side of the neti pot package, too.  It’s sort of like a pig’s nose sitting on top of a large, featureless blob, surrounded at the base with a flared-out edge.  Or it might be the bottom of a person’s nose peeking over the top of a brimmed hat.  I keep looking at it, and I cannot figure out what it’s supposed to represent. 

Whatever it is, clearly SinuCleanse thinks it’s important, because it’s a registered trademark.