Oh, what the heck.

Calif. farmers want to sell water 

By GARANCE BURKE, Associated Press

Fri Jan 25, 4:15 PM ET 

FRESNO, Calif. – With water becoming increasingly precious in California, a rising number of farmers figure they can make more money by selling their water than by actually growing something.

Because farmers get their water at subsidized rates, some of them see financial opportunity this year in selling their allotments to Los Angeles and other desperately thirsty cities across Southern California, as well as to other farms.

“It just makes dollars and sense right now,” said Bruce Rolen, a third-generation farmer who grows rice, wheat and other crops in Northern California’s lush Sacramento Valley.

Instead of sowing in April, Rolen plans to let 100 of his 250 acres of white rice lie fallow and sell his irrigation water on the open market, where it could fetch up to three times the normal price.

OK, I know farmers have it tough. But they’re given water subsidies BECAUSE THEY GROW NECESSARY FOOD.  It’s not fucking free water to do whatever they want with. Like:

… sell it to towns for a profit …

     … which supports ever-expanding residential development …

          … which is completely unsustainable

               … because they’re in a DRY AREA WITHOUT ENOUGH WATER.