So, I need a haircut desperately, and I was looking at pictures of curly hairstyles. 

(Which is completely useless, because whether a hairstyle looks good on YOU depends on the shape of your face and head, the texture, curl, and fullness of your hair, etc.  But, I digress.)

I found this:


Reverse ponyhawk?

Spontaneous hair matting?

Landing strip?


What’s crazy is that out of 14 hairstyles featured in the book this came from, the author (or publisher) chose THIS one for a marketing teaser.  This is one book I won’t be buying …

On a curly hair website, I clicked on a post titled “Has Anyone Here Used Bacon Salt?”  I thought maybe it was one of those things where it’s so crazy, it just might work.  The post turned out to be totally unrelated to hair.  What a tease.