It’s taken about a month, but I’ve finally made my decision.  Not that Hillary isn’t calculating, or flawed, or triangulatastic … but she doesn’t pretend not to be.  And, I know she can fight, and I’m pretty sure what things she will fight about.  With Hillary, I don’t have to worry that under the warm glow of “unifying” and “healing” and soft-focus happygoodness, I’ll open my eyes and find she’s sold the farm.

I’m repeatedly surprised how many people are totally gaga over Obama.  I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but Obama isn’t an activist, he’s a p o l i t i c i a n.  He will have to make compromises.  If you fall in love with his potential for “change”, he will break your heart. 

(For some hints as to just what direction he might change to, see links at end.)

Do people not get this?  Or do they just not want to think about it?  It’s kind of scary to me.  If you don’t even realize he’s going to have to move to the right, then you haven’t even begun to estimate how far to the right he’s going to go.

I used to think he was being naive in his promises.  I wonder, though.  Maybe he’s actually not naive.  Maybe he just realizes how tremendously appealing it can be to appear so to voters. 

If we could just make it so all the obstacles to “change” had to vote on their positions like everybody else, we’d be set.  Corporate America, do you accept more taxation?  No?  HaHA!  We outvote you!  Insurance companies, do you accept single-payer health care?  No?  Too bad … ’cause we outvote you!  In teh FACE!

Someone creatively and astutely observed that Obama is like that creature from old Star Trek who appears to the viewer the way the viewer would like to see it.  It’s a very useful trait for getting elected.  Not a particularly useful trait for delivering on your conflicting promises.

It’s annoying that Obama is getting so much credit by telling people what they want to hear – which is not possibly deliverable.  Hillary, on the other hand, is telling people what’s more likely achievable – and getting dinged for not being sufficiently liberal. 

People who say they’re sick of the fighting – do they think corporate America is going to roll over and beg Obama to scratch its belly?  Big business backs Obama.  With big bucks.  Think he gonna stand up to them more than Hillary would?  Think again.  People do not seem to know what candidates are up against.

People who think Hillary’s made too many political enemies and is too “polarizing” – well, what do they think happens when you fight for your side?  Everybody holds hands and blows bubbles?  She’s polarizing because she does fight.  I take that as evidence that she’s fighting for what I believe in, and I’ll take that over an appeaser any day.  If you fight, maybe you won’t win, but at least you tried.

Anyway, here are some things I read over the past month which influenced my views:

Obama changes position on decriminalizing marijuana.  His spokesman denies Obama was ever pro-decriminalization … until confronted with proof.  Deny until undeniable – then minimize.  Hmm.  Where have we seen that before?

Obama’s above the whole “taking money from lobbyists” thing … except he’s actually not 

(More, and more)

Obama appeases on credit card interest cap … and the corporate-friendly bankruptcy bill passes anyway

From moderate to hard-liner on Israel-Palestine (scroll to “Israel: Shifting Positions)

Obama hints at privatizing Social Security

Obama praises Reagan, implicitly slams Carter

Don’t look behind the curtain