OK, I’m way late to the party, but I saw Mika last night on Leno, and I’m still buzzin. 

I couldn’t watch him, because his prancing was just too too, but after the set, B. looked up his album, Life in Cartoon Motion, and we listened to samples. 

The best comparison I’ve read is to Freddie Mercury, and that’s pretty apt.  Also a little Prince-y.  But he’s definitely his own person.  He’s a one-off; an unexpected breath of fresh air in a stifling room; a pulsing, bopping splotch of color in the flat gray sameness of the current soundscape. 

Plus he’s just had an interesting life.  24 years old, born in Beirut, moved to London at age 9, had a breakdown at age 11 due to bullying, was trained by a Russian opera professional.  He’s performed in the Royal Opera House, written in-flight music for British Airways, and created a jingle for chewing gum. 

I still find him too brightly fey to look at.  (A couple of examples to demonstrate.)  So I close my eyes.