Obama: We’ll be out of Iraq in 16 months.

Senior campaign advisor: He doesn’t actually mean 16 months.

No, seriously. What does that mean?

The problem is that Obama is not telling people the “hard truths.”  He’s telling people exactly what they want to hear.  But as demonstrated by the NAFTA embarassment and now the “out in 16 months” thing, he actually has no intention of being held to the pretty promises he’s making as a candidate.  If he’s elected, he will be practical – as he has no choice but to be.  

This is why I don’t give much weight to people who are all like, “With his rhetorical gifts, he’s going to change the game.  He’s going to empower people.  He’ll be the one to get people to finally see their own economic interest and advocate for themselves!”  Gee.  How’s he gonna do that, when he’s promising the public one thing, and quietly assuring the powers that be, don’t worry, he doesn’t actually mean it?   

Nah.  From everything I’ve seen of him so far, he’ll say one thing in public, do the opposite in private, then use his “rhetorical gifts” to convince that he hasn’t actually sold us down the river.

Empty promises, false hope.