OK, so Eliot Spitzer was a hero to me.  I actually had a massive crush on him.  And now, of course (of course) it turns out he has feet of clay.

So OK, I briefly railed and mourned, and now I’ve moved on.  I don’t have much respect for him as a person now, but I still respect his fearless pursuit of financial bad actors – predatory lenders, fraudsters, etc.  Ah well.  News flash: people are flawed.

On one forum, one furious supporter essentially said the betrayal to his supporters was worse than to his family.  (As if there’s any point in playing who-was-more-betrayed.)  Don’t worry, furious lady, I’m sure someone out there feels just as bad for you as a betrayed supporter as they do for his family.  There, there, you’re the bigger victim, shhh.