Heh.  It’s funny, how impatient I feel when people criticize gaffes by my candidate.  I look at Hillary’s RFK assassination comment and think, dumb.  Misstep.  So what?  Why are people focusing on this stupid shit?  There are major fucking problems that are not getting discussed because the press is more interested in macguffins. 

Like our oil-addicted economy and soaring fuel prices.  To which Obama’s response is, switch to smaller cars and hybrids.  “Switch”?  That entails … buying.  What about all the people who can’t afford to “switch”?  They’re fucked, AND they’re contributing to the problem. 

Obama’s response is either breathtakingly callous, or completely elitist and out of touch.  He bought a hybrid. (Except, he modestly says, it mostly sits in the garage – implying he’s so good about not driving, and completely glossing the fact that, as a senator and Presidential candidate, his own car sits in the garage because he’s, oh, driven everywhere.)  Everybody should buy hybrids!  The people are suffering?  Let them eat cake – and drive hybrids.

(I bought a Honda Civic hybrid in 2004, and am reeeally enjoying the good mileage.  So my disgust with Obama on this issue is not personally motivated.)

Further – worse – how limited a response is that?  Buy hybrids and drive less?  We’re forced into car dependency because of existing transportation infrastructure.  We need investment in rail and public transit.  Then we’d actually be able to drive less.   The airline and automobile industries get insane subsidies – why not throw rail a crumb?

So, how about talking about the structural problem?  Too practical?  Too granular?  Doesn’t make for a flowery speech?  Forget it.

I have to say, this is the most depressing indication of the extent of Obama’s “vision” I’ve seen yet.   So limited and reactive.  And lecture-y.  It puts the burden of a collective problem on individual shoulders, and gives a moral spin to an essentially technical problem.

Sound familiar?  Yeah.  It sounds … Republican.  Ugh.