I’m embarassed.

I took the name for this blog from a song I like a lot, “Let’s Talk About Spaceships”, by Say Hi to Your Mom.  The lyrics are vague, so I’m not sure, but I think it’s about the awkward distance between a guy and his love interest. 

The chorus goes:

Let’s talk about spaceships
Or anything but you and me, okay?

That’s how I felt about starting a blog.  I didn’t want to talk about anything really personal.  And, there’s this inherent self-conscious awkwardness in writing a blog, which echoed the singer’s awkward distance from the person he’s talking to.  Who exactly am I talking to – myself? my ideal self? an unseen audience? 

So, it seemed like a good title for the blog.

But from some of the search terms that people followed to find the blog, it seems some people are looking for information about actual spaceships.  Here are some search terms that came up in the list:

spaceships built to withstand cold
what does a cat scan have to do with a spaceship?
where do spaceships get their water?
johnny lighting space ships
what a spaceships kitchen looks like

I’m sorry, I don’t know.  Although the question about cold -*
In any case, by way of “I’m sorry if the blog title misled you”, here’s Jeff Russell’s Starship Dimensions.  If you have any questions about a given spaceship’s size, it’s probably on there, in graphical form.  It includes both fictional and real spaceships. 

You can even move them around the graph side by side.  My boyfriend, B., had great fun flying Serenity around King Kong and the Eiffel Tower. 

But if you’re a spaceship fan, you probably already know about that site.

* Originally, I sort of glibly wrote “I think the temperature in space is pretty near absolute zero. Since we’ve gotten to the moon, I think probably the problem of designing spaceships to withstand cold has already been solved.”  But then I happened across this story about Ulysses freezing to death, and of course, it’s complicated. 
Which goes to show I have no knowledge of actual spaceships.  So, I’ll stick to the metaphorical meaning of “spaceships” in the song, which is “Let’s talk about [something impersonal], or anything but you and me.”  I know, it’s non-linear and bound to mislead.

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