I meant to post this earlier.  Like, when I took the picture, around Christmas.

She was so funny the other day.  When I woke up and shuffled to the bathroom, she came and got me, meowing with great urgency and leading me to the kitchen.  Had I forgotten to feed her the night before?  No, I remembered filling the bowl.

I got to the bowl, and found a dishtowel had fallen on top of the food bowl, covering it.  I removed the towel, and she began eating frantically.

I’m still wondering what the issue was.  Did she think the food had disappeared?  Or did she know it was under the towel, but couldn’t figure out how to move the towel?

This is a cat who will stand in front of a partly opened door and meow for it to be opened.  She doesn’t understand that if she pushes it just two inches, there will be sufficient room for her to get through.  She’s not the best problem-solver.