Somehow in my memory, the block became huge, but it’s actually not very big at all. Strange. 🙂

Looking at the size, shape, and color of the block, I’ve decided to make a water dragon.

The overall inspiration is Haku from Spirited Away:

The body will be curved and arched. (As portrayed in pictures that unfortunately won’t display properly.)

And the base will be in ocean waves, like this Babylonian Naga:


I got a kit with soapstone, file, sandpaper, and a mask. The stone is a pretty, very light blue-green, almost icy looking. It’s soft enough that I can carve it with the file.

The block is much larger than I had anticipated, though. I might get a hacksaw and cut it in half.

Still not sure what to do with it. The color makes me think of arctic ocean waters, so I’m thinking something marine and cold. Maybe a mermaid-y Sedna, but I can’t envision it. I don’t know.